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COVID-19: Updated 2-Hour Guidance on Cleaning, Disinfecting & Reopening. Health Effects, Personal Protective Equipment, Cleaning & Disinfecting Methods, Protocol for Re-Opening, Office staff, Maintenance and Facility Staff, 3rd Party Contractors, Ongoing Maintenance & Case Study (Scenarios).2 Hours9:30-11:30am$90.00
ONLINE - 1-DAY NEW YORK STATE/EPA/AHERA ASBESTOS PROJECT DESIGNER REFRESHERPlease note that this course is now approved for NYS Certification. Lecture Points: Project Designers an overall review of the asbestos industry. It will take the Project Designer back to the fundamental steps of abatement to re-emphasize the different strategies of Project Design and Contract Administration, with the use of lecture, slides, and where applicable, an open forum discussion1-DAY8:30AM-4:30PM$195.00
ONLINE - 1 Day NEW YORK STATE/EPA/AHERA ASBESTOS BUILDING INSPECTOR/MANAGEMENT PLANNER REFRESHER This course is now acceptable for NYS Certification. The day will be broken up into two parts with the Inspector portion being conducted the first half of the day and the Management Planner the last half of the day. Do not register for this combo course if you only have the Building Inspector certification or are taking the Management Planner Refresher on a separate date.3 NJLMN Credits for BI and 3 NJLMN Credits for MP8 HOURS INSP (8AM-12PM) MP (1PM-5PM) $249
ONLINE - 1-DAY NEW JERSEY/EPA-MODEL LEAD INSPECTOR RISK ASSESSOR REFRESHERThis course will be taught online. Based on the New Jersey and EPA-model curriculum, this refresher course covers the technical and legal aspects of lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments. 3 NJLMN Credits1 DAY8:15AM-4:30PM$230.00
ONLINE - 1-DAY NEW JERSEY/EPA-MODEL LEAD SUPERVISOR REFRESHER FOR HPB Based on the New Jersey and EPA-model curriculum, this refresher course utilizes lectures, demonstrations, and discussions to refresh students on required procedure and how to comply with EPA, HUD, OSHA and State regulations. 3 NJLMN Credits1 DAY8:30AM-4:30PM$215.00
ONLINE - 1-DAY NEW YORK STATE ASBESTOS PROJECT MONITOR REFRESHERThis 1-Day Refresher is mandated by New York State for all Project Managers scheduled to monitor an asbestos removal job to maintain their NYS Credentials.1-DAY 8:30AM-4:30PM$180.00
ONLINE - 1-DAY NEW YORK STATE/NEW JERSEY/EPA/AHERA ASBESTOS SUPERVISOR REFRESHERThis one-day refresher reviews and discusses all changes in applicable federal, state and local regulations and developments in state-of-the-art procedures affecting the supervisor in any way. Please make sure to have a camera and microphone. 3 NJLMN Credits8 HOURS8AM-5PM$195.00
ONLINE - 1/2 DAY NEW YORK STATE ASBESTOS AIR SAMPLING TECHNICIAN REFThis annual 1/2 Day Refresher course is required and certified by New York State Department of Health for individuals to renew their New York State Certification.1/2 DAY8:30AM-12:30PM$110.00
ONLINE - 1/2 DAY NEW YORK STATE/EPA/AHERA ASBESTOS BUILDING INSPECTOR REFRESHERThis course is now acceptable for NYS Certification. 1/2 DAY Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher. If you have both Inspector and Management Planner Program then go to the combined course to register3 NJLMN Credits4 HOURS8:00AM-12:00PM$155.00
ONLINE - 1/2 DAY NEW YORK STATE/EPA/AHERA ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT PLANNER REFRESHER1/2-Day Asbestos Management Planner Refresher If attending both the Inspector and Management Planner Refresher in one day your will receive a discounted fee of $215 for training the full day. You must register for the 1-Day Asbestos Inspector/Manager to receive discounted rate.3 NJLMN Credits4 HOURS1:00pm - 5:00pm$145.00
ONLINE - 1/2 DAY NEW YORK STATE/EPA/AHERA/OSHA ASBESTOS OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE REFRESHERPlease note that this course is acceptable for NYS Certification. This 4-hour annual asbestos refresher program is designed for those individuals whose job related duties are most likely to expose them to asbestos. 3 NJLMN Credits4-HOURS8:30AM-12:30PM$185.00
ONLINE 1/2-DAY MOLD ASSESSMENT/REMEDIATION CONTRACTOR/ABATEMENT WORKER REFRESHERThe basis for this course is the complete set of requirements set forth by New York State Mold Assessment Consultant, Section 931.1. The key components include NYS Law 931.1; IICRC STANDARD S520-2008; NYC DOH Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments, 2008; and EPA, Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings (Washington: EPA, 2001), AIHA , Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Indoor Mold, OSHA Standards relevant to worker safety and mold remediation.34 HOURS8:30AM-12:30PM$190.00
Purchase Order Administration FeeAdmin Fee1 Day8-5$25.00
VAT - Refresher A. Molly Private Course 1 Day 1-4$140