Course Description:

The course objective is to outline and illustrate the basic considerations and methods used to determine the presence of asbestos-containing material in a building and how to use the survey results to develop and effective operations and maintenance plan.

Course segments include information on the health hazards of asbestos exposure; typical applications for asbestos-containing material; evaluation methods including the walk-through survey, bulk sampling strategy, methodology, analysis and results, interpretations; assessing the condition of existing ACM and evaluating its potential for future change. An actual walk-through building survey is an integral part of this portion of the course.

An examination score of 70 is required for successful completion of the course. We will provide additional tutoring and re-examination (2 times) to obtain the passing score. There is no Federal or State exam required. Upon successful completion of the AHERA Building Inspector course, a Certificate of Completion diploma, all necessary New York State applications and AHERA identification card at an additional cost.

*Please select the box below when registering for the course only if you will be applying for New York State. By selecting this box you will be paying the additional fee in order to receive the state form which will be submitted along with application.

Price: $495.00

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