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Course Topics: Sources, Conditions, Prevention of mold growth, Potential Health Effects, Workplace hazards, PPE, Respirators, asbestos, confined spaces, lock out/tag out, Technical and Legal considerations, NYS Law, State of the art work practices and new technologies, Documentation, reports writing, field notes, chain of custody forms, etc, Clearance testing and procedures, Building construction, building sciences, moisture control, water intrusion events, Basics of HVAC systems, inspection and assessment of HVAC, Writing mold management plans, mold remediation plans, determining clearance criteria, Post remediation clearance testing procedures, review mediation plans, Engineering Controls, Overview of how mold remediation projects are conducted. ontainment. Air Filtration, Work practices for removing, cleaning and treating mold. Requirements for worker protection. Respiratory program. Safety plans. Medical Surveillance, Contract specifications, job cost estimates, liability and insurance costs, Protecting public and occupants from mold exposure, EPA, NYCDOH, OSHA, IICRC S520, Review, 50 Questions (multiple choice)

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