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The purpose of this course is to give individuals who do not have the educational background or field experience a better understanding of air monitoring using standard sampling equipment, calibration techniques and analytical methods including recordkeeping techniques and various other controls to keep a given asbestos abatement project in compliance. Each attendee will be provided with a comprehensive course kit in loose-leaf notebook form to keep as a personal reference source.

This 30 hour, 4-day program, with extensive hands-on training activities is offered at all NAETI facilities or at your facility for large groups. Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion diploma will be issued.

Minimum Requirements for approval of asbestos safety technicians by the New Jersey State Department of Health as required by N.J.A.C. 5:23-8.18

a) At least two years of college courses in academic sciences, i.e. biology, chemistry, industrial hygiene, environmental science, or related fields. Or

b) One year experience which included performing environmental assessment activities may be substituted for this education requirement.

a) Successful completion of a course in air monitoring methods. This course could have been part of an academic curriculum of as a continuing education course. The course should have consisted of a minimum of 30 contact hours and include hands-on experience with using and calibrating various types of air monitoring equipment. Or

b) Six months of employment experience performing air monitoring which included at least 30 hours of on-the-job training may be substituted for this education requirement.

a) Certificate of completion in an approved core training course for asbestos workers certified by the New Jersey Department of Health pursuant to N.J. A.C. 12:120 and N.J.A.C. 8.60. Or

b) Two years of experience in monitoring asbestos abatement activities may be substituted for completion of a certified

Price: $565.00

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