New Jersey Has a Brand-New Law Regarding Lead Paint

April 29, 2022 2:17 pm

In June 2021, New Jersey enacted a new law that aims to eradicate lead paint in homes throughout the Garden State. This new law (S1147) created a requirement for lead inspection in homes built before 1978. What’s more, the law has established requirements for lead testing, provides for lead-based paint education, and appropriates $3,900,000 in state funding. As a result of this new law, all those certified in lead-based paint inspection will be busy examining homes moving forward.

The law was drawn up as an extra protection for older homes and apartments where door jambs, window sashes, and wall trim could be coated in old layers of lead-based paints. For years, people throughout the country have known about the dangers of inhaling or ingesting lead-based paint particles. Now, NJ is taking the hardest stance against the danger of lead paint in rental properties, hotels, and other residences.

Lead Certifications Available AT NAETI

Getting certified to test and remove dangerous lead paint or lead dust in a NJ residence is easy through NAETI Lead Classes. Once certified, lead paint inspectors and abatement workers must consult with their local health board, Department of Health, and Department of Community Affairs concerning criteria for inspection.

Put the Certification to Use

A lead-based paint inspection is not required for homes certified to be free of lead-based paint, homes constructed after 1978, and for dwellings registered with Department of Community affairs for 10 years and having no outstanding lead violations.

On the other hand, the inspection is required for non-certified homes after tenant turnover in all in single-family, two-family, and multiple rental dwellings. Once inspection is passed, the property owner will receive a lead-safe certification valid for two years.

The inspection has many facets which include but are not limited to dust wipe sampling and lead abatement methods. Certified lead paint abatement workers have been trained according to methods approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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