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Lead, Asbestos and Mold Environmental Training in the Heart of NYC

Located two blocks from Penn Station, NAETI NYC is the top location to become certified in lead, asbestos, and mold certifications in the Tri-state area. With New Lead regulations impacting NYC and NJ, it has never been more important to get certified in necessary environmental remediation courses to take advantage of the increased demand for these vital services.

NAETI’s New York City location provides the most convenient place to participate in training programs regarding best practices for remediating asbestos, mold, lead, as well as other important environmental and workplace topics.

As a provider of environmental training for over three decades, NAETI NYC is the best place to find the training needed regardless of topic. NAETI also offers custom training services that are cost effective for each client’s/partner’s specific needs in addition to our regularly scheduled lead and asbestos course catalog.

Throughout the company’s history, NAETI has evolved to cover essential environmental courses to address multiple federal, state, and local regulations across environmental categories. NAETI NYC provides over sixty different training courses that cover a broad range of topics from dealing with indoor air quality, workplace health and safety, essential construction certifications, personal protection, as well hazardous material handling and clean-up.

We provide both online refresher courses as well as in-person training courses for individuals seeking their initial lead certification. As an approved training provider for New Jersey, NY State, NYC and the EPA, NAETI has always upheld the highest quality training standards whether you take your course online or in-person. Our instructors are internationally recognized experts who can provide in-depth and comprehensive training. The knowledgeable administrative and teaching staff look forward to meeting you and helping you or your team get certified in lead, mold, asbestos or other remediation services.

NAETI NYC takes their mission statement seriously. With stats such as 40,000 American deaths annually from asbestos alone, we at NAETI know that environmental and safety training has never been more important.


Since 1985, our team has educated professionals working in Lead remediation, Asbestos Containment, Mold Exposure and many more workplace and environmental certifications. NAETI offers more than 60 initial and refresher courses covering topics related to asbestos, lead, indoor environmental quality, health and safety, construction, personal protection, hazardous material handling and clean-up, confined space/lock-out tag-out, right to know, and customized training. Over the decades, NAETI’s course offerings have evolved to address other safety, environmental and green areas of study, many of which are required by federal, state, and local regulations.  Our teaching staff features internationally recognized experts whose experience and knowledge are integrated into all course materials.